Jim & Pam – The Love Story

SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO It’s valentines day this week and what better way to celebrate than with The Office. I’m not one for love stories but Jim and Pam are true couple goals. From episode one Jim shows us how far he will go to get her and when they share that kiss on Casino […]

THE OFFICE – THE MUSICAL is Coming to New York!

From the people who gave you FRIENDS! The Musical Parody. The princes of parody, Bob and Tobly McSmith, are bringing a new show to The Theater Center in New York City. The Office! A Musical Parody (www.theofficemusicalparody.com) is set to open this fall! Songs from The Office! A Musical Parody! include: SCRANTON: THE ELECTRIC CITY Why […]

How Much is Dwight Schrute Worth?

We all wonder how much characters in The Office would make if they were real people. Well, this video answers just that. One thing that this video forgets was pointed out in an amazing comment “One more thing – every year Dwight researches the most popular Christmas toy on the market and sells it for […]

Tameside Hospital First To Ban Sugar

    An NHS hospital has become the first in the country to go “sugar free” in its canteen and vending machines. Tameside Hospital in Greater Manchester has banned all sugary snacks and fizzy drinks, swapping them for healthier options. The only drinks available are tea, coffee, milk and water. Management say it comes after […]


The Office may be coming back. It’s all we’ve been talking about this week and so we thought we’d sum everything up in one place. Lets go. So let start with what we all know: NBC is considering a whole new run for its 2018-19 season, starring “a mix of new and old cast members,” TVLine […]


SO. Yesterday we reported that The Office is coming back. WELL. Guess what. Andy Buckley tweeted this: pic.twitter.com/fGIGZeghSA — Andy Buckley (@JustAndyBuckley) December 20, 2017 Could this be confirmation that the show we all love us coming back? It’s the first piece of evidence we’ve had from a cast member that could mean the show is […]