Jim & Pam – The Love Story

SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO It’s valentines day this week and what better way to celebrate than with The Office. I’m not one for love stories but Jim and Pam are true couple goals. From episode one Jim shows us how far he will go to get her and when they share that kiss on Casino […]


While office parties are often uncomfortable, The Office Christmas episodes almost always delivered. But what episode was the best? Here’s our ranking of all the episodes! 7. “Secret Santa,” Season 6 (Dec. 10, 2009) Michael is being extra pissy in this episode, because Phyllis “uslurped” his job as the office Santa. That leads to him […]

SNOW in Stockport

Today locals where baffled leaving their homes and looking out from their windows to see strange white stuff had fallen across the town leaving people questioning their understanding of seasons and the whole concept of winter. Baffled residents then proceeded to alert the general population to social media stating “it’s snowing” as studies suggest 98% […]