20 Times Creed Bratton Was The Best Character In “The Office”

Creed is just the best. Let’s find out his best 20 moments

20. when he was a proud American

19. When he dropped this truth bomb:

18. When he was a little behind the times:

17. When he might have shown that he knew a little *too* much about medicine:

16. When he totally had his priorities straight:

15. When he tried to play hooky, but it backfired big-time:

14. When he gave you major regifting #GOALS:

13. When he issued this warning:

12. When he put healthy eating first:

11. When he tried really, really hard to play it cool:

10. When he knew a really good worm guy:

9. When Jims new house got him really excited

8. That time he wasn’t sure who he had sex with

7. His blog

6. When he has childish thoughts

5. When he is so hip it’s cool

4. When we aren’t sure why he needs all these chairs

3. When he said what we were all thinking…

2. When he knew way too much about weed

1. That time he killed someone


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