Why The Office Revival Doesn’t Need To Happen

We all want more Office. We love The Office. But do we really NEED it to come back? Ever since the news spread that the show could be making a come back .The internet has been full of people wishing they would stop and just call it a day.

I think they’re right. Here’s what they managed to do in the last episode of the series (literally, last episode!): Dwight and Angela are married, and they’re raising their son together. Pam and Jim are moving to Austin so Jim can pursue his dream job full-time. Michael and Holly are happy in Colorado with their kids. Nellie gets a baby. Amends are made between Dwight and Kevin.

Andy has acquired a mild level of fame, and was invited to speak at his beloved alma mater, Cornell. Erin finds her birth parents. Kelly and Ryan run away together. People are kind to Toby. Dwight’s in charge. What else needs to happen? See! It’s all wrapped up.

What could fans possibly stand to gain from more episodes of this show, in particular? The ending was happy and shiny and cozy, but also extremely real. It allowed the characters to offer insight into themselves, musing on time together and time passing — and in Pam’s case, time spent in a self-imposed holding pattern.

They reflected on the show, their lives, the release of the documentary. Jim and Dwight, brokered peace between themselves. There does not need to be a revival of The OfficeThe Office reboot is unnecessary. There are only so many ways to say this.

Also, Steve Carell exited before the end of Season 7. What would be their plan — reboot it without him? Actor John Krasinski is a full-on movie dude now, so what would the draw be for him to return, beyond confusing his character’s graceful exit? Plus, in a way the office is coming back Comedy Central Picked Up Syndication Rights To ‘The Office’ and it will be back on our screens in January 2018!

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