The Office may be coming back. It’s all we’ve been talking about this week and so we thought we’d sum everything up in one place. Lets go.

So let start with what we all know: NBC is considering a whole new run for its 2018-19 season, starring “a mix of new and old cast members,” TVLine reports. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be seeing more Michael Scott. While it’s unclear which old cast members might return, TVLine reports that Steve Carell definitely won’t—probably because the guy’s too busy starring in Minecraft movies or whatever. Plus he left the show well before it ended. We reported this in full here.

NBS is yet to confirm all this BUT yesterday we had some great news. It came via a tweet from the man himself Andy Buckley

This was the first news we got from an actor that the show could be coming back. Since then everyone has been asking themselves “Do we really want it to come back”. We aren’t sure either.

BUT this hasn’t stopped everyone thinking of who could be the new boss. Here are the most popular two options:

Nick Offerman

Could this man manage the team we all love? Maybe, he is a solid choice and one I think makes sense.

Ty Burrell

Could this Modern Family star be the new boss? I think not. They just keep making that show…

Here’s a handy video to keep you up to date

So there we have it. All the news we have on the Office come back. Stay tuned for what comes next,

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