WTF!! Bet You Never Noticed This Mysterious Character In “The Office”

A lot of Super Fans have been watching old episodes getting to a refresher course on their favorite television series. If you anything like me, you probably watched every episode twice and virally read every scene line for line.

If that’s the case, then you should remember all the characters who made multiple appearances on the show, right?

Well, let’s put that to the test. In a recent article on Buzzfeed one Super Fan posted this very same question.

Let’s see…

Do you know these familiar faces? Yeah, that’s Angela, Phyllis, Pam, Meredith and hmm.. but wait there is someone behind there. Who is that?

There she is! Do you recognize her? Let’s see if she turns up anywhere else

Wow!! There she is again!! This time in season 2 with a different hairstyle.

Damnn, she everywhere

In season 3 she has a shorter hairstyle but she can’t hide because we’re on to her…

This is crazy!! Who is this woman and how could we not have noticed her before?

For the answer to this riddle, we must consult the Dunderpedia: The Office Wiki.

Finally, we get some answers. The mystery woman’s name is Luanne. Imagine that, she doesn’t have any lines but she has a name for her character.

Seems like we’re not the only Super Fans who haven’t noticed Luanne. Fans took to Twitter to express their surprise at the mystery woman.

Well, if the rumors are true and “The Office” is returning to television hopefully we will get to see more of our mystery woman. This time I hope the show’s creators at least give her a line.

Did you see Luanne before this article? If so, tell us in the comments…

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