What We NEED to Know About Michael Scott!

Michael Scott leaving Dunder Mifflin was probably one of the most heartbreaking and life-changing things to happen in the 9 seasons of The Office. But after he leaves, we don’t hear anything about his life after that. While I watch seasons 8 and 9, I always caught myself missing Michael and wondering how his life is going in Colorado.

The first thing I wonder about is his WEDDING with Holly!

We’ve seen Phyllis’s wedding, we’ve seen Jim and Pam’s wedding, and we’ve seen Dwight and Angela’s wedding. But I think we’ve been robbed of the greatest wedding of all time, MICHAEL’S. His wedding must have been the most fun and possibly cringey ceremony ever. I wonder what song he danced down the aisle to? Also, were no Dunder Mifflin employees invited to his wedding? C’mon now.

Secondly, I always think about Michael and Holly’s life together.

How many kids do they have? What are their names? How old are they? What kind of funny characteristics did Micheal hand down to his children? And are Michael and Holly living with her parents? How are her parents doing? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. All these need to be answered.

Where is Michael working now?

I wonder if he got a job as a regional manager of some other paper supply firm in Colorado? I could see that being the case. Or maybe he had to start over as a salesman at his new job and work his way back to the top.

Did Michael stay in touch with Dunder Mifflin?

Obviously, Michael considers Dunder Mifflin Scranton his family. But now that he has Holly, did he still talk to his friends in Pennsylvania? Of course, he must have at least a little bit since he showed up to Dwight and Angela’s wedding in the last episode (spoiler alert). But some update about Michael’s life at some point in the last two seasons would have been appreciated by all of us.

Even though all rumours of a reunion season have been discredited, I still hope and dream it will happen someday, and all my questions about Michael will be answered.

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