UPDATED: The Office US in NOT returning (Sorry about that)

The other day we reported that The Office US would be hitting our screens again in 2018. Well, we were wrong.

We all make mistakes and it seems that we got fooled by an April Fools joke from earlier this year. After our writers read the original article they got so excited they just had to tell everyone. They went ahead and published the story. So blame them. Not me.

It had us fooled and it fooled the world. Well some of them. It seems that a few people saw that the news was fake before we did and took advantage and called us out. “Popular” business blog ‘business2community’ called it Fake News;

As well as the most popular website in the world ‘hoax-alert.leadstories.com’

Obviously, we were as devastated as you when we found out that we’d been fooled and reported something that wasn’t 100% true. So yeah. We’re sorry, we promise.

But where did the news come from? Blame this guy. Daniel Berkley you son of bitch.

He posted the ‘Fake News’ on March 31st and left it up after April Fools to carry on the LIE!


“Although there is no official air date for the new episodes, Kaling stated they will be aiming for the Summer of 2018. There is no confirmation yet whether or not writer and star, Paul Lieberstein, will return.” – Daniel Berkley 2K17

See. It’s all his fault that the office isn’t coming back. Blame Berkley, he’s almost as bad as Tony Gardner.

We’re sorry. No Office come back anytime soon.

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