Telltale signs that you’re no ordinary Office fan

In general, everyone considers themselves a lover of the Office. Let’s be real, it’s easily one of the best shows to ever hit the screen- if not, THE best. God forbid someone says they don’t like the show, you know to keep a safe distance from that person… it’s just better for everyone involved. However, there is a definitive line between people who just “like” the Office and those who have made the show a part of their livelihood. If any of these describe you, you are a surefire Office guru.

You have unconsciously infused the show into your daily life

Ever been in a social situation where literally everyone is saying stuff that you can tie back to the Office? Like when you need to ask a question and feel the need to start it with a firm and authoritative “question.” And then your brain is automatically reciting “what kind of bear is best”, so you’re physically restraining yourself from saying it out load to avoid pure embarrassment from the people who would have no idea what you’re talking about? Or when you’re out in public and you step in gum, or someone cuts you in line, and you automatically stare off into the distance with the classic Jim face? Yeah, me too.

You have it on repeat… even if you aren’t listening

If it’s gotten to the point where the Office is playing, but you’re not even really paying attention, and yet you’re still completely aware of what’s going on in show based on the dialogue you’re hearing, you definitely have chronic Office-itis. You may have it playing just as background noise for when you’re doing chores or even as you fall asleep! The Office has truly become my “sound machine” for when it’s time to hit the hay. Drifting off into slumber with the sounds of Jim and Pam scheming against Dwight is the surefire way to have some kick-ass dreams.

You own… A LOT… of Office merch

I’m talking about more than just a T-shirt. I’m talking decals, stickers, lanyards, mugs, posters, multiple articles of clothing, you name it. Your bank account may not be very happy about it but on the bright side, it’s pretty easy for friends and family to shop for you because they already know EXACTLY what you want. The collection is never complete.

You can recite pretty much everything they’re saying in the show

When you’re watching it with other people, you realize just how much you’ve watched the show because you can literally recite just about every line to where it’s second nature. Usually the people watching it with you will be slightly…caught off guard… by just how much you know, but it you, it’s a hidden talent. You can also name a million fun facts related the show that only other Office fanatics would know.

Now you know. You are a real Office fan.

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