Pam Welcomed Back to Chili’s!

12 years ago on September 20th, Pam won “The Whitest Sneakers Award” during the annual Dundies, making it the best Dundies ever! This event was hosted at the famous Chili’s location in Scranton, PA. Pam broke their strict no-overserving policy by stealing drinks off other people, thus Xeroxing her driver’s license and banning her from the restaurant. 

On February 6th 2017, she posted a picture to Twitter and wondered if she should try and enter once more. This brought back a lot of memories for the fans of the show. Plenty of people responded, including the restaurant chain. Some people reminded her that she was banned and couldn’t enter. Chili’s responded, saying that they hoped she felt God that night.

Later that day, Chili’s President, Kelli Valade, welcomed back Pam Beesly to any Chili’s in an official statement which was effective immediately. Looks like Pam can go back to their restaurant and feel God whenever she’d like to. Welcome back, Pam!

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    (November 27, 2017 - 4:49 am)

    Brings a tear to my eye

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