David Wallace IS BACK

Jimmy Kimmel and Carrie Brownstein were the big name cameos in Curb Your Enthusiasm’s season 9 return, but, for Office fans, it was Andy Buckley’s brief stint that was cause for excitement.

Wallace had a rough ride over the course of The Office’s nine seasons, being fired from the company at one point, losing his handle on reality and inventing a children’s toy named ‘Suck-It!’. The best product to ever hit the toy market.

Buckley wasn’t technically playing Wallace in Curb, but the similarity between Wallace and Buckley’s FBI director character was good enough for fans to believe him saved.

Fans went to Twitter to show how excited they were

In the Curb’s season 9 opener saw Larry David get issued a fatwa over the musical he was working on, the FBI has to advise him on how to escape assassination.

I dont know about you but I think Wallace would be great in the FBI

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